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Save me

Post by xyrihl_3k7 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:48 am

Save me

no where to go

will someone come
help me
i feel so cold
I'm lonely
will anyone come
is there even a being that cares
I'm falling
no one to catch me
no where to go
I'm trapped..

can i trust someone
to come will
i ever meet...
a hand that cares..

please just stay
even if u don't care
don't leave..

if i dream will it all be ok
can i leave this world happy with no one by my side

can somebody be my savior
my hope..

will i always be alone
in this darkness

will a single person come..
I'm broken
will any human come save me...
can u help me spread my wings
help me fly
light the way
so we can get out...


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